Going viral : Nick Clegg autotune music video

Nick Clegg apology is a hit

A new autotune remix of Nick Clegg's apology about tuition fee rises has hit the itunes top 40.

Produced by The Poke and Alex Ross, the new single has gone viral in just a few short days with over 650,000 plays on Youtube. Clegg's famously unkept promise about tuition fee increases caused enourmous embarassment to the Liberal Democrat party at the time. Clegg's apology did little to reverse the £6000 rise in yearly tuition fees for university, which may be a big issue at the next election.

The video starts with Nick Clegg's apology but soon evolves into a catchy remix with an autotune 'upgrade' including a loop of his "sorry" words.

Quotes from Clegg's apology video

"I'm sorry..I'm sorry..I'm..so so sorry…there's no easy way to say..I'm.sorry."

"The liberal democrats are sorry."

"And if we've lost your trust that's how I hope we can start to win it back."

Nick Clegg Apology video

Created by The Poke

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