Going viral: Man films himself getting robbed at gunpoint

A man who went cycling with his GoPro was held at gunpoint while he captured the whole incident. (video below)

Caught on camera, the confrontation shows a man in a hoodie running up to confront Malcolm Fox (cyclist). As he steps down from the bike two other individuals appear, inspecting the bike and taking his possessions.

With his hands held up, we see Malcolm being ordered to walk away from the gang and his shadow is seen in the mud as he makes his escape unharmed.

Since the video was uploaded on June 2nd it has been seen nearly 1.5 million times.

While the sound is muffled, we can clearly see how he calmly let the gang take his things without confronting them. If he had reacted differently the outcome may have been much worse.

Getting robbed at gunpoint video

The incident occurred a few days ago, in Somerset West, South Africa.

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