Going viral: Justin Bieber deposition video parody

The Justin Bieber deposition video has become the centrepiece of another parody movement, starting with Bart Baker's interpretation of his answers.

In the original deposition video Justin Bieber can be seen swinging slowly back and forth on a chair as he listens to a variety of questions that he struggles to answer. Bieber looks incredibly frustrated and impatient as he takes on repeated questions about Selena Gomez and whether Usher was instrumental to his career, coupled with repeated arguments from his lawyer in his defense.

Bart Baker plays a lethargic, irritated Bieber in the parody version of the deposition video which also intercuts with some scenes of him bong smoking, and sinking into his chair, out of shot. The completely over-the-top interpretation of Bieber's responses will certainly amuse the haters at a time when team Bieber have been praying that the original video would never be released.

Justin Bieber deposition comedy video


Unfortunately for the young star, the feedback from the video has been generally negative across the board, however in Bieber's defense, the star has faced extremely harsh criticism from several gossip sites, that have edited the original video, making it seem as if he was dismissive towards his mentor, Usher, which is not true.

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