Going Viral : Jennifer Aniston comedy security tapes video


Jennifer Aniston expecting triplets in new ad

A funny new ad showing a secret behind-the-scenes look at Jennifer Aniston has raked in over 500,000 people in one day.

In the video, Aniston pulls off her top revealing a huge olympic sized stomach carrying "triplets" while she goes about her 'daily' routine. The ad for Smart Water, is a clever take on celebrity lifestyles, and Aniston successfully mocks herself in several over-the-top scenes that make this one of the best professionally produced viral videos we've seen this year.

We then cut to a scene at the back of her house where you can see a huge stockpile of bottled water being wastefully spilt into an enormous swimming pool. On top of that, to keep in shape, Aniston 'hires' a bunch of trainers to lift her off the ground as she relaxes.

The CCTV style footage all throughout the video is well conceived, with a timecode overlaid at the bottom to make you feel like you're actually watching a reality TV style show. Check it out below...

Jennifer Aniston security tapes video

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