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Going Viral : Jean Claude Van Damme video split


Unbelievable Van Damme video is a hit

It's probably the coolest live stunt Jean Claude Van Damme has ever done in his career and the world has tuned in.

The Belgian action star performs the splits in this commercial for Volvo Trucks that shows his flexibility like never before. The action star, who's fame began back in the 80s starts out in the video facing the camera in a close up. As the camera pulls back, we see Van Damme with one leg on each truck. They start to move apart and slowly Van Damme stretches his legs to the point of a perfect split. As the two trucks continue their motion in perfect synchronicity, we are shown a Matrix Reloaded style camera pan.

Volvo Trucks : The JCVD stunt you won't believe

With that said, the stunt is unbelievably dangerous, but the biggest winner in this video is Jean Claude Van Damme. The viral success of the video could re-shape his career after the campaign receives such worldwide attention.

Without emotion, without fear, this is classic Van Damme, and a moment that the fans will remember for a long time.

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