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Going viral: 'French Tom Cruise' jumps on moving metro

Mister Puma, a French stuntman with an apparent affection for Tom Cruise's Ethan Hunt character, has released a video of himself jumping onto a moving metro in Paris.

The 'Mission Impossible' live-stunt has become a viral hit in France, with most major newspapers highlighting the video.

Although this is not the first time the French stuntman has made daring attempts to prove he is able to do the impossible, until now, we hadn't come across this type of sheer risk-taking in the public eye.

According to 20 Minutes, the 38-year-old had planned the stunt for months but it hadn't turned out the way he wanted. Thankfully he was not hurt in the incident, and was able to get his balance on the roof before the next station.

Mister Puma gets ready to jump

A short film is currently in the works that will feature another stunt scene, with better production values. It is not clear whether it will be done with adequate safety precautions, or if the Frenchman will simply attempt to defy death a 2nd time with a small crew filming him.

Check out 'Mission Impossible' to re-live the epic train scene where Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt chases Jon Voight (Jim Phelps) on the roof at 200mph.

(video missing)

(Note : Obviously this scene was not shot at 200mph!)

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