Going viral: Disgraced Chinese, Korean badminton Olympics video

The media buzz surrounding the dreadful Badminton match at the 2012 London Olympics is bringing prominence to bloggers and video journalists highlighting the event.

With the world's media attending the 2012 Olympics, amateur video footage has an added advantage of showing the authenticity of the games without the fancy titles and studio edits. I was looking today at various videos covering this incident and this is by far the best because it doesn't analyse, it just delivers. Sometimes that's all we need.

Eight Badminton players from South Korea, China and Indonesia were disqualified after this match. In the video you can clearly see the players using every trick they can to fail. Even the crowd was booing.

Olympic Champion Yu Yang from China was one of the players disqualified, and announced her retirement from the sport on her blog. It's been an embarassing moment for all the players involved.

Badminton players losing on purpose video

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