Going viral: Binders full of women posters

Mitt Romney discusses binders with women

Mitt Romney's comments about having "binders full of women" are taking the web by storm since the 2nd presidential debate closed a few hours ago.

As he was responding to a question during the debate regarding women's rights, and equal pay, Romney touted an initiative he put through to fill vacancies in his cabinet with women. How he did that was to, and I quote, peruse 'binders full of women'. However, in doing so, Romney opened a separate debate inviting a lot of questions as to what that actually meant.

The strange comment became a viral hit within minutes on Twitter, and has now spawned a creative outpouring of humor in response to it's definition. From designers to photographers, people have created funny images and uploaded them via social sites illustrating that pitch. Even some of our favourite movie characters have somehow been given new life with Romney's defining comments.

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We've seen many amusing discussions during this Presidential campaign, but last night's debate will surely keep the media and the American public entertained as more of this creative humor comes to light.

Top binders full of women posters


Should we now expect an SNL skit that features 'binders'? A new blog set up on Tumblr has depicted a lot of the artistic direction of Romney's comments. Fans of binders containing women can head to it to find out the latest creations.

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