Going viral: Batman fans terrorize shoppers in rubber batmobile video

Batman Fans redefine The Dark Knight

We are about to witness 'The Dark Knight Rises' at the cinema but Batman fans have been so impatient for it to come out that they've decided to shoot their own version.

Featuring a larger than life impersonation of Christian Bale, 'Batman' heads into the city along with the backing of ab epic Hans Zimmer soundtrack and a half-man, half-machine Tumbler / batmobile. Yes there are a lot of halves in that sentence but it's hard to define such a unique device.

Judging by the production values of the video, it's budget did not exceed $5 (£3), and producers will have been more than delighted that it managed to garner 147,000 views after just 24 hours.

Have these Batman fans truly defined what 'The Dark Knight Rises' Promises to be? The filmmaking production values are outstanding...

The Dark Knight Rises early fan video

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