Going viral : Banned iPad mini parody video


iPad mini video mocks Apple cliché

You've seen those Apple ads that present a new product like the iPhone or the Macbook Pro retina, but you haven't seen one that mocks itself with the same look.

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That's exactly what these guys have done, but in a smart, fun, and resoundingly similar filming style that real Apple ads would have.

Written by John Elerick, the banned iPad Mini ad promotes the new iPad mini, but it falls far short of a great sales pitch. in fact, the parody takes the concept of the iPad and tries to define what's good about it, but then gets convoluted in explaining how the benefits are in fact useful.

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Banned iPad mini spoof

The video stars Will Stephens, Roger Roth, Travon Free and John Elerick.

Quotes from the Video

"in the beginning, ipad was designed to be very powerful and very capable. so our goal was to take all of the amazing things about the full size iPad and pack them into a product that's so much smaller….but…not as small as the iPod touch.

"It's 0.4mm thinner than the iPhone 5 which was just released a month ago, so as usual, each product is thinner than the last. It's always going to be thinner, except with the third generation iPad, which is now the old…new iPad."

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