Going viral: Animation of Asiana flight 214 crash landing



3D animator makes flight 214 crash simulation

The tragic circumstances surrounding the doomed Asiana Airlines flight that crashed in San Francisco has been made into a new animation video.

Jack Suchocki, a 3D animator and former Boeing 727 pilot made the re-construction showing just how the plane came in too low as it made its final approach. The animation provides a realistic portrayal of how the Asiana flight came in too shallow, and how a last minute decision to try to pull up affected its trajectory. With the plane coming in too quickly, and losing too much speed, its tail slams into the ground as the pilots attempt to pull up and boost speed. The plane hits the ground hard and spirals as the force of the impact hurtles it to one side.

Working for Eyewitness animations, according to Mashable, the animator had used "multiple sources for his detailed reconstruction".

Asiana Flight 214 Crash video

Flight 214, from Seoul to San Francisco crash landed on 6th July killing two passengers and injuring over 150. An ongoing investigation is currently assessing what happened.

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