Going viral : Amateur video captures apocalyptic scenes during Sandy

Amateur video footage taken during the 'Frankenstorm' of last night has captured what looks like a scene out of '2012'. (video below)

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The 'home made movie', filmed on a phone or Flip Cam type device, is taken from inside, and shows an overview of the street. All is fairly calm, until out of nowhere a tree collapses, then a few seconds more several others are ripped to shreds. Then after that, a fire breaks out at the end of the street.

Onlookers huddled close to the window often shouting "Oh my God". Yes it's a little over the top, but you would be witnessing this kind of destruction all of a sudden. It's one of the most harrowing videos I've seen so far.

Last night we featured some street footage shot by a filmmaker from NYC as the eye of Sandy was passing over. It's been a difficult few hours for everyone on the east coast, with now more than 7 million people without power. Earlier this afternoon the Huffington Post experienced an outage along with other top entertainment websites, including Tumblr.

Sandy 'apocalypse' footage

Wait at least 30 seconds...before you start seeing the damage.

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