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Going Viral : 80s action movie trailer 'Kung Fury'


Kung Fury is a hit

If you haven't seen the 'Kung Fury' trailer you're missing out on what could be the coolest 80s revival movie project we've ever seen.

'Kung Fury' introduces us to an over-the-top, 1980s cheesy action plot that combines the absurdity of Japanese, Sega-esque music with a wooden 'Karate Kid' superhero.

From dinosaurs to time travel references, the filmmakers behind 'Kung Fury' have successfully managed to merge a game-like story structure with over-the-top characters that pay homage to many of our most loved 80s films. From 'Conan The Barbarian', to 'Lethal Weapon', there's a scene in this trailer for every fan base.

So far, the project on Kickstarter has managed to top $350,000 with 25 days still to go. Nearly 10,000 people have backed the action comedy which could be one of the biggest hits on Kickstarter in recent months.

Kung Fury - The Trailer

Some memorable quotes

"Hitler…he's the worst criminal of all time..I have to kill him".

"I went too far back in time…This is the viking age…I'm a cop, from the future…I need your help."

"He's..A Kung Fu renegade cop…."

"I Quit!.."

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