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Godzilla marketing and poster art the best of 2014 so far

Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros out-shined the competition this year with their poster art as 'Godzilla' took hold of our thoughts, our emotions, and scared us to the box office.

Leading up to the release we were treated to gripping trailers, demon red posters, and very atmospheric design work that truly stood out on the web, as it gained more and more debate.

We had seen the 1998 version of 'Godzilla' and it was not going to be easy for the production team to re-market the same movie theme to the same audience again, however the way 'Godzilla' was portrayed as a character this time round really made this a much more interesting invitation.

As an audience we were entertained even before we got to the theatre thanks to a well run campaign that gave 'Godzilla' a much bigger persona off-screen.

Some of this poster work is really world class, and you can see below how well the power of 'Godzilla' has been conceived.




The sequel has also just been announced and hopefully this level of artistic direction will be preserved and built upon in the future.

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