Godaddy taken offline by Anonymous?

godaddy hacked 2012

Millions of Godaddy websites disappear

A major technical issue on has left it's servers down, affecting millions of websites across America, and the world.

With the uprise in hacks and DDOS attacks on infrastructure around the world, server companies are more and more likely to be targets. According to Tech Crunch, Anonymous have just claimed the attack via their Twitter page, however we cannot verify this as there are several Twitter accounts acting as Anonymous.

Godaddy in the past hour have told their customers about the technical issues affecting websites hosted via their infrastructure, however they have not specified the nature of the problem, whether it is a DDOS (Denial of Service) attack, or a datacenter problem.

Godaddy down Twitter message

So far the outage has taken out servers and emails, preventing millions of customers from accessing their webmail or conducting any business.

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