Getting Paid film internships

Internships to get into movies

Paid work internships are not easy to find but sometimes the best way to get those kind of opportunities is to start out by knocking on doors.

Many production houses, creative companies and agencies offer internships but don't necessarily publicize them. It's your job to find companies that you like and then you need to check out to see if they have an internship program. If they don't, then call them up and find out if they are interested in what you have to offer. Even an unpaid internship at the beginning can help you make the right film connections and build your resumé for later on.

You will need to have a minimum amount of film industry knowledge to get a paid internship, and at the beginning it's possible your potential employer will ask you to do a trial. This is perfectly understandable if you have not demonstrated enough experience, and allows the company to asses your abilities. Try not to take this as a negative, because working on a short term basis for free can bring you many rewards, and help you learn your way around.


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