German photographer: Jessica Geulen

AACHEN, Germany Photographer Jessica Geulen has a powerful portfolio, expressing surrealism and fantasy.

From Jessica

I am 28 years old and from Germany. I have always been interested in the art of photography, but it thoroughly intensified about a year ago when I got my first SLR-camera. From that point forward my life revolved around photography, it inspired a certain will to live and gave me strength when there was nothing else left. Photography is my expressive way to scream, free way of life. I can express my feelings and work through rough and desolate moments, a way to cope with life. I want people to be able to, not just look at, but into my pictures and mind, and to leave behind the boundaries of mere words. My pictures mirror my soul, that's what makes them so incredible and unique to me. Capturing life's amazing moments, and making them immortal, is the absolute ultimate. I love working on my art, to sit in front of the computer and edit/create an even more beautiful reality; it s amazing. Sure it is hard work, but while lost in this incredible world, time stops and half a night goes by in a flash without me even noticing.NEW20003 I am yet in the beginning stages of my photographer s career, but I have big plans, and I am definitely on the right track to accomplish my goals. I hope my gallery is inspiring and you like it.

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