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George Lucas reveals to Charlie Rose the religion of Star Wars

George Lucas has revealed to Charlie Rose a fascinating insight into the "psychological motifs" of mythology and the religion of Star Wars.

Speaking about the differences of religions, the mythology and psychological aspects of storytelling, the Star Wars creator gives audiences another look inside the mind that created one of the world's most inspiring movie franchises.

George Lucas talks to Charlie Rose about the meaning of Star Wars and storytelling

Lucas talks passionately about the different 'Gods', and his reflection on people's interpretation of religion. Compassion and love he says, are the foundations of Star Wars, but he also highlights the way people think, and how audiences engage with heroes, which also ties in with beliefs, from one generation to the next.

The Star Wars franchise has evolved since the 70s with different generations of fans heading to the theaters to watch and admire their favorite characters fight new, impossible odds. Lucas is arguably one of the most famous storytellers in U.S history, and is world renowned for his vision in creating a universe that so many millions have admired and cherished.

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