George Clooney didn't sleep for 30 hours after reading an article

George Clooney was unable to sleep for 30 hours after reading a dismal review of his movie 'The Monuments Men' according to the latest Sony email leaks.

The actor was so upset with the bashing of his movie at the start of the year that he apologized to Sony's Amy Pascal who reassured him that it would make money and "that's the best revenge."

'The Monuments Men' received critical reviews from several bloggers and reviewers before it came out and faired poorly on Rotten Tomatoes, gathering a less than spectacular 31% rating.

The film was not considered a Clooney classic but the beating it got made the actor fear that he had lost touch according to the leaked emails.

It was not too long ago that George Clooney wrote a public letter condemning the Daily Mail for a story they wrote about his wife's mother but this time round, his own words are in the spotlight.

Clooney was also subject of another email exchange with Sony however he predicted that news reporters would read it and left a memo in the body of the email as if he was waiting for it to be hacked. The intuition may have averted some embarrassment however hackers have promised a 'Christmas present' in the coming weeks which could expose many more email correspondences.

So far a host of actors and producers have been scathed by the leak including the likes of Scott Rudin, who now faces an uphill battle to restore his public credibility, and relationships following an insensitive conversation.

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