George Clooney arrested in Washington 24 hours after Obama meeting

Sudan activist and actor George Clooney has been arrested at a protest in front of the Sudanese Embassy in Washington just a day after meeting the President.

The Hollywood actor has been campaigning for years about the conflicts in Sudan and took part in protests outside the Sudanese Embassy with members of the US House of representatives against blockades of humanitarian aid in the country. George Clooney and his father, Nick Clooney, were present at the rally, which has become an international point of attention for the conflict. While the eyes of the world have fallen on Syria since the brutal repression of the Assad regime began, not much attention had gone towards the dire humanitarian situation unfolding in Sudan, until now.

Clooney recently visited South Kordofan and witnessed a catastrophe that was unfolding in the country, where it is estimated by aid groups that food shortages will affect 250,000 people. There have been widespread reports of rapes and killings of innocent civilians in the volatile border region where Sudanese troops are fighting rebels from South Sudan.

In a show of force, Clooney repeated ignored police warnings to leave the embassy and was subsequently arrested and taken away in a Secret Service Van. The timing of the arrest is  symbolic as the actor had met President Obama just a day ealier and is a perfect moment for Clooney to put even more emphasis on his activism.

Arrests include

- George Clooney
- Nick Clooney
- Democratic US representative Jim Moran

It is not clear whether the Whitehouse will issue any statement regarding his arrest or whether Clooney will have to pay a fine.

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