George Clooney and John Prendergast launch The Sentry

Actor George Clooney and human rights activist John Prendergast have launched an ambitious initiative called The Sentry to track those who profit from wars in Africa.

The Sentry project will aim to take down networks of individuals that allow rebel leaders and corrupt governments to fund and make profit from conflicts in Africa which have resulted in the deaths of more than 9 million people. The Sentry will work with the UN and law enforcement around the world to dismantle networks in the shadow economy and track how conflicts are financed using innovative analysis technology.

"The world's efforts to end Africa's deadliest wars are failing. Endless peace talks and expensive peacekeeping missions have not ended conflicts in Sudan, South Sudan, Somalia the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo." - John Prendergast

The project will also study shadow economies that extend to cities like New York, London and Dubai while aiming to encourage regulatory action and prosecution against individuals who facilititate war crimes.

"Real leverage for peace and human rights will come when the people who benefit from war will pay a price for the damage they cause." - George Clooney

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