George Clooney a witness in Berlusconi sex case, April fools early

April fools is a few days away yet George Clooney has become a listed witness in Silvio Berlusconi s sex trial case.

The actor, turned victim in this latest scandal was surprised to be named as a defence witness, having only met the President once, at a social engagement.

Usually, George Clooney is the prankster himself, but so far, this doesn t seem to be a joke at all.

Whether the actor will commit to the high profile court case, which starts April 6th is unknown, but it s a difficult predicament to deal with.

Is Hollywood so intertwined with politics that it is inevitable that in a case like this, someone like Clooney, who happens to live in Italy, would be summoned?

George Clooney statement : "It seems odd since I've only met (Mr) Berlusconi once and that was in an attempt to get aid into Darfur."

George Clooney activism in Sudan

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