George Clooney's political drama Ides of March gives hope

By now you would have heard about George Clooney's political thriller Ides of March , but besides the shoot itself, it has had a major impact on local communities.

The shooting for Ides of March has been widely publicized, throughout the tax debate for local film production. Do tax breaks lure films and bring back returns? Some argue for and against, but the Ohio Film Office did achieve this goal for Clooney's picture.

Tax credits are a good way for regions to lure investment, but many are considering cuts. Outside of the financial impact of films shooting in your local community, the buzz and the attention a Hollywood movie brings, will generate additional publicity. Clooney is no exception to the rule, and the actor brings a huge publicity boost to any region. One example of this being put to good use is his advocacy for the Southern Sudan referendum.

The Ides Of March not only brought a financial gain for local film production, but also got people talking about the region. So when government decides whether to abandon tax incentive programs, they are also cutting off the publicity that a shoot brings to their region. This, of course, is at no extra cost to the tax payer, and boosts tourism, and other industries involved in the sector. On top of that, one very defining element that helps locals is that it brings hope and aspiration to people who want to get involved with an exciting Hollywood film. Why not expand schemes like this across the US, like Europe has in the form of government grants?

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