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Gary Oldman was forced to do a PR apology campaign

Gary Oldman said some silly stuff that was blown out of total proportion and now the actor has had to apologize multiple times at the expense of free speech.

While there is no place for comments that marginalize people of any faith, he is ultimately free to express his opinion, but what's happened since his Playboy interview only reminds us of how our liberties are being eroded.

The current media landscape is putting enormous pressure on people to say the right thing 100% of the time. Any negative comment is now being taken out of context that's made true expression dangerous. Oldman was highlighting what he felt about political correctness, yet he was attacked for being an anti-semite. Now his whole career is under-threat. Isn't there a thing in the U.S called the 1st amendment?

There's no doubt in my mind that Oldman is 100% supportive of the Jewish community, and he never once stated that he endorsed Mel Gibson's view about Jews, yet some people claim he did. That's the problem : Fiction is becoming more important than fact. Why is Gary Oldman of all people being destroyed? Sure, he said some offensive things that were unfair and hurtful to some, but that wasn't his intention and it is totally obvious from the interview, that he's attacking the status quo : Political correctness.

However, Oldman has had to make a deep, public apology because he's a celebrity, yet in our society, people are talking like him all the time, without the media spotlight, and he's got a point.

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