Funny-man Leslie Nielsen 1926-2010

Fort Lauderdale, USA -  Comedy actor Leslie Nielsen has passed away at the age of 84. His rise to fame in the 80s in comic hit Airplane! propelled him to international fame.

Lesie Nielson has appeared in more than 100 films including the much loved Naked Gun movies that have brought audiences to tears on many occasions. His uniquely charming and purposely 'cheesy' acting was his trademark, with unlimited charisma to impress and entertain even his co-stars.

In the 1950s Nielson started an acting career in TV, starring in over 150 drama episodes but it wasn't until the 1980 sleeper hit Airplane! that things took off. He subsequently starred in the crime spoof 'Police Squad', as an accident-prone detective with many hilarious flaws.

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Leslie Nielson's outings in the Naked gun series was the most memorable of his recent films, but he also starred in the Scary Movies in various small parts and 'Wrongfully Accused', with lots of references to movies such as 'The Fugitive' starring Harrison Ford;

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