French TV calls Brad Pitt ‘God’

In a comedic special, Canal + dedicated nearly 10 minutes of their live coverage of today’s Cannes Film Festival to Brad Pitt.

Appearing yesterday in all white, Brad Pitt accompanied Angelina Jolie at the Cannes premiere of ‘The Tree of Life’. As Mel Gibson entered the famed Palais de Congress with Jodie Foster today, the French station quickly turned their audience’s attention to Brad Pitt.

The 10-minute segment referred to Brad Pitt as ‘Dieu’ or God, with an extravagant montage of his red carpet appearances, analyzing his every move, hand shakes and walks. It even included a risky pursuit with motorbikes following the actor everywhere he went.

There is a French obsession with Brad Pitt, that far exceeds that of other stars, even the most famous names at home. Although the channel is famed for ridiculing celebrities, the extended dedication to Brad Pitt was so over the top, you could feel the nausea.

Should there now be a statue of Brad Pitt in Cannes?

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