French Photographer Brice Portolano

AIX EN PROVENCE, France Brice Portolano is a talented French photographer currently studying the arts. He has an incredible portfolio of expression, abstract art and street photography, capturing the intensity and atmosphere of each situation.

From Brice

Born in Paris in 1991, I became interested in photography four years ago, but seriously took it up in July 2007. Considering photography as a way to capture some instants of my everyday life, my first approach of this art was purely personal and individual as it allowed me to keep memories from scenes that stood out as being unusual to me, but which seemed to be totally common and ordinary for people around me. I m still working in the same way as I take photographs out of pure pleasure and passion (even when I work for clients, I enjoy it), without taking into account the fact that people following my work are probably expecting new pictures to be published. as i am self-taught, I appreciate preserving complete freedom in my personal work.4.
Beyond the pleasure I get from photography, I try to communicate a feeling, an atmosphere or the power of a personality through my photographs, while giving a certain priority to aesthetics. I consider it as a powerful vehicle of personal expression.
In my opinion, what makes a great picture is not only its composition but also the balance between the shapes, the colours and the textures. As I only use digital processing in moderation, I try to catch particular and ephemeral lights, hardly imitable by digital processing. Rather than technical and digital knowledge, I favour visual and mental reactivity, and the spontaneity of a picture, which is harder to capture but which creates more powerful images. I hope you will appreciate my work,

Brice Portolano


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