French actor injured on train attacked by gunman

French actor Jean-Hugues Anglade sustained injuries following an attack by a lone gunman on a train with 554 passengers en-route to Paris.

The Thalys train was travelling on the high speed route from Amsterdam to Paris Friday when a gunman reported to be Moroccan opened fire on passengers shortly before 6pm.

Actor Jean-Hugues Anglade sounded the alarm on the train during the attack and was lightly injured by shattered glass while other passengers including an American national was reported to have been hit by gunfire. Luckily there were two U.S. Marines onboard the train who quickly responded to the attack and were able to subdue the man.

The train made an emergency stop at Arras where the gunman was placed under arrest by a special anti-terrorist unit.

Anglade was ironically propelled to fame in France when he played in a film entitled "L'homme Blessé" (The Injured Man). Today's incident has once again put the actor's name in the spotlight, although in far more traumatic circumstances.

Jean-Hugues Anglade was admitted to a local hospital in Arras where he received treatment for his hand which he injured when pulling the emergency alarm.

The actor's recent projects include "I am a Soldier" and "The Ninth Cloud." He also played the role of Marco in Luc Besson's classic "La Femme Nikita."

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