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Fox and National Geographic Society sued for $750,000

The widow of former army Staff Sgt. Kevin Casey Roberts is suing Fox Cable Networks and the National Geographic society for airing a documentary of her late husband.

'Inside Afghan ER' features the former Staff Sgt in several shots, who served as part of the 101st Airborne Division in Afghanistan when he was killed by an IED (Improvised explosive device).

Donnice Roberts was made aware of the documentary through an army service member stationed in Germany who saw the footage of her late husband. The footage according to the lawsuit filed in Texas on November 1st included unauthorized images of military personnel.

However, Fox Networks Group have said that the filmmakers who produced the documentary were given permission from the US military to shoot the documentary, which includes the memorial service of fallen soldiers.

The film was reported to have aired on the international National Geographic channel but has not yet had a US showing. Will this lawsuit prevent this documentary from being shown anywhere else? This also raises the moral agenda, is it right to shoot films of fallen service members?

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