Footballers team up to battle CNN’s Piers Morgan on twitter

Piers Morgan’s now famous twitter battle versus Rio Ferdinand takes another turn as other Premiere league football players join in.

Could it be compared to a cinematic, Clint Eastwood duel versus cowboys in a Sergio Leone epic, except in cyberspace? Well, twitter is a bit less cinematic, but it provides a great battleground for big words and almost humorous assaults.

While Rio Ferdinand has kept up the pressure on Piers for weeks, Michael Owen and Wayne Rooney are now digging trenches. Is Piers Morgan outnumbered and outwitted now or will he continue to launch his unpredictable Charlie ‘Sheenesque’ one liners at them? This is definitely worth writing a script over, at least, for a short comedy piece.

The Battle:

Rio Ferdinand: @piersmorgan have a look at my App tomorrow and I'll show u the Premier League trophy up close!!

Piers Morgan: @rioferdy5 You should do a medical App, Sicknote. You've had more experience than Dr House.

Michael Owen: @piersmorgan same old joke getting wheeled out again? I thought you had more in your locker #repeatbanter

Piers Morgan: Who won Benchwarmer of the Year - you or @themichaelowen ? RT @rioferdy5 I voted for Nani for my player of the year.

Wayne Rooney: @piersmorgan did u win 1 for most boring show of the year. Stop hanging on to me pls. I don't want to know u. #cowellbulliesyou

Piers Morgan: That's what you said to Sir Alex before he paid you £50mill RT @WayneRooney @piersmorgan Stop hanging on to me pls. I don't want to know u.

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