Final Cut Pro X the most controversial release of 2011

Final Cut Pro X was met with huge disappointment, anger, frustration and endless rants from editors to film directors who felt Apple’s new software took a major step back.

Final Cut Pro X was released to cater to semi-professional content creators and consumers looking for an easy to use tool to edit their videos. It’s no secret that short films and viral videos have become a big thing, and it was inevitable that Apple would have to make a product for this gap in the market, but we didn’t expect to see such a radical change.

Editors who invested thousands in Final Cut Pro 7 and editing suites built on that framework were resoundingly furious. Would there be any support for Final Cut Studio in the future? Eventually Apple put back the old Final Cut Pro for sale, and would support it with the latest plugins, but what about the future of editing?

Some editors called Final Cut Pro X “Apple’s Windows Movie Maker” with more features but in the end, editors will have to either switch to AVID, grumble and moan with Final Cut Studio as it gets phased out in a few years, or buy a much cheaper (but far less professional looking) Final Cut Pro X.

Have you got Final Cut Pro X? What do you think of it’s features and usability? Did Apple make a mistake this year?

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