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Filmmaking trends in 2013 : Short, fun content for consumers


Filmmaking in short form

Online content continues to evolve with users changing their habits, and using new technology to consume videos.

Filmmakers in 2013 have a unique opportunity to capitalize on the huge growth of short online content for a variety of business (B2B and B2C). With apps and gadgets bringing us more personal experiences, videos are becoming short, smarter, and more fun.

When you have so much to say how do you condense a message into a short few words? We live in a 24/7 Twitter culture, where 160 characters or less is also prevalent in short content. When companies are trying to push their messages out, they have less and less time than ever before to make an impact.

Filmmakers who embrace short videos will find that their skills are becoming more used in the corporate world because messages are changing, and people need to show what they are doing in an "art form".

Samsung Galaxy ad : James Franco

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Tablets like the Nexus 7, Amazon Kindle Fire HD, or the Samsung Galaxy create a more personal experience for us to engage with videos. How will you guys create your short videos to help market your products? The world is waiting for your content. Best of luck!

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