Filmmakers turn Charlie Sheen into a hit parody song on youtube

Charlie Sheen s now infamous ABC interview is getting a new remix from filmmakers calling themselves TheParodyFactory1 on youtube.

The short film; a new song created out of Charlie Sheen s most outrageous comments on ABC is getting 100,000 hits a day since it was uploaded on 5th March.

More and more remixes, parodies and impressions are becoming viral marketing tools companies have yet to master. Indie filmmakers and musicians are turning to their editing skills to make short, funny remixes. From TV, film and celebrity jeopardy, everything is getting re-made to get some big laughs.

This trend is increasing as youtube allows filmmakers and musicians to get creative with already existing content. Just a simple download and remix on basic software like garage band and windows moviemaker is all it takes. The viral power of youtube makes these videos so easy to share and maybe you could make a hit web video in a matter of hours.

Charlie Sheen Parody

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