Filmmaker's son shot in the head after killing 6 people

Second Unit Director Peter Rodger who worked on 'The Hunger Games' believes his son committed the mass shootings in California that left 6 people dead (3 were stabbed to death).

According to several reports, the attacker, a 22-year old male, suffered from Asperger's Syndrome and had been receiving special psychiatric help before he pulled up in a black BMW and started shooting in the area of Isla Vista.

The horrific attacks have shocked the State of California, as a police investigation continues to search for clues as to what the motive for the shootings were.

According to the BBC, the attack is being considered by the Santa Barbara County Sheriff as "premeditated mass murder.'

The suspect was involved in two separate shooting incidents with the police where he fled and then crashed, and was found with a fatal bullet wound in the head. It is not clear whether it was self-inflicted.

THR reports that the suspect has not yet been named but it is believe to be Elliot Roger who released a video shortly before committing the alleged killings.

This is a developing story….

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