Filmmakers play pivotal role in 2.0 society

Films are becoming an interactive experience thanks to web 2.0 and more than ever people are turning to visual creativity as a communication tool.

It is no secret that movies have been used as propaganda tools since the dawn of motion picture history, but their use has evolved. From feature comedies to shorts, infomercials, political messages and how-tos, films are the medium that create a connections between people.

Why is film playing a pivotal role in today's highly connected society? Simple. Moving images tell a bigger story than words. Having a picture or conversation in text using chat is just one step in the interactive game of the web. Now youtube, Facebook, and pretty much any other social network is hardwired to video. 2.0 is not new, but people are still getting to grips with what video means on the web. In a way you could say filmmakers hold the 'interactive' keys to the way you and I experience information.

Video blogs are the way forward for transmitting who we are, not just a commercial about what we sell. That idea is the very thing that is making our world more transparent. People seeing how other people live through the web breaks down all barriers. Filmmakers will in this decade hold a high place in society not because they can create original stories or have a celebrity status, but because they are the visual communicators of the future and the influencers of the modern web. When you next check out a youtube video, think about how you interact with hit. What does it mean to you? How will you take your videos to the next level?

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