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Filmmakers launch petition demanding action on widespread abuse


Film petition demands Government action

Filmmakers have launched an online petition demanding the British Government to 'clean up' the film industry over payment issues, scammers and the set up of film production companies.

The petition follows a controversial film shoot that started an international debate on film set safety, the regulation of contracts and payment, and producer's liability if cast and crew are not paid.

The Film Industry Network released an open letter to working professionals to inform them of their working rights following the concerns of many freelance professionals in the industry. Without Government involvement in ensuring that people are protected, the abuse can continue un-checked.

This past week BECTU organised a meeting to discuss payment issues on independent films and invited professionals to talk about the current problems people are facing in the film industry.

With the UK's prominent tax breaks encouraging foreign investment, film crews are in ever increasing demand. Unfortunately, some are facing difficulties when it comes to being paid according to the petition, and they are not even getting their salary at a standard national minimum wage.

The petition addresses the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, and states:

"We are demanding stricter controls on the setup of UK Film production companies/Independent film companies and Talent Agents. The Industry needs cleaning up with the immediate removal of scammers who are preying on vulnerable people. I speak particularly of Companies/Individuals who offer jobs on short films and features with the promise of offering National Minimum Wage rates but end up not paying the crew and artists what is owed.

They then liquidate their production company only to resurface under a new name later. (Names of some offenders can be provided on request)."

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