Filmmakers, if you want to enter the 2014 Academy Awards, here's how

Have you ever wanted to enter your film into the Oscars but didn't know how? Well today the Academy Awards have announced their official deadlines for 2014 so make sure you're ready!

Whether you've made a documentary, a short film or an animated feature, your submissions to each category for the 2014 Academy Awards must be received before the official due dates, listed below.

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List of nomination categories

  • Scientific and Technical Awards - Friday, July 12
  • Documentary Short Subject - Tuesday, September 3
  • Documentary Feature - Monday, September 23
  • Live Action Short Film - Tuesday, October 1
  • Animated Short Film - Tuesday, October 1
  • Foreign Language Film - Tuesday, October 1
  • Animated Feature Film - Friday, November 1
  • Original Score - Monday, December 2
  • Original Song - Monday, December 2
  • Official Screen Credits Form - Monday, December 2

All submissions are due by 5 p.m. PT

When submitting your film make sure that you are eligible, and that you meet the strict criteria for the category you are entering. Read the fine print and if you do get stuck, head on over to our network groups to ask members if they have any advice.

The Academy Awards in 2014 will take place on March 2nd at the Dolby Theatre. Are you planning to enter? Let us know what you've got lined up!

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