Filmmaker Ken Burns destroys Donald Trump during Stanford Speech

Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker Ken Burns received a standing ovation after slamming Donald Trump during the Stanford University commencement ceremony on Sunday.

A moment of silence was held just before the ceremony opened to remember the victims of Sunday’s horrific attack in Orlando, which was followed by an inspiring speech by the Emmy Award-winning filmmaker who spoke of how America must move away from a culture of “violence and guns.” He then went on to criticize Donald Trump stating that he was “an insult to history,” and a man that was “willing to discard long-standing relationships.” He also highlighted how Trump was “glaringly not qualified” to be President, “a person who easily lies.” A person who “insults veterans, threatens the free press, mocks the handicapped, denigrates women, immigrants and all muslims.”

Ken Burns vs Donald Trump

The passionate speech was widely praised in the media while critics have slammed Trump for using the Orlando shootings to further his campaign to become President. Trump was also condemned by several prominent Republicans following his comments in the aftermath of the attacks.

Ken Burns is currently in pre-production on The Vietnam War TV series documentary. He also recently completed ‘Defying the Nazis: The Sharps’ War,” a documentary highlighting the story of a Unitarian minister and a social worker who in 1939 travelled to Czechoslovakia to help refugees break out of Europe.

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