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Filmmaker develops liver disease shooting this documentary

Filmmaker Damon Gameau has shocked the film industry by revealing he has developed early stage liver disease after shooting a documentary on a diet of 'healthy' foods.

The shock-doc entitled 'The Sugar Film' exposes the dangerously high levels of sugar in foods that are marketed as 'healthy' which people consume on a daily basis. The self-imposed experiment intended to reveal the effects of eating low-fat foods for a period of 60 days and has produced an extraordinary result.

From cereal bars, to sports drinks and yoghurts, Gameau revealed that by taking up the diet he was eating approximately 40 tablespoons of sugar a day. His physical condition deteriorated to a point where he was diagnosed with early stages of fatty liver disease according to his doctor. Not every filmmaker would accept to take these kinds of risks to shoot a documentary but for Gameau, the journey has led to huge public interest.

The Australian filmmaker gained 10cm of fat around his waist, became lethargic, mentally confused and even emotionally unstable.

'The Sugar Film' intends to educate people on the dangers of eating an 'all healthy' diet when there are high concentrations of sugar in processed foods that are meant to be good for you.

With an obesity crisis in many industrialized nations, the dangers of eating too much sugar are all too real, and the experiment hopes to raise awareness, particularly for teenagers who are even more likely to go over the daily limit with their sugar intake.

That Sugar Film Trailer

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Featuring a host of cameos from people like Stephen Fry, Brenton Thwaites and Isabel Lucas, the film will be released in early 2015. A book is also being developed to help educate people on the dangers of sugary 'health' diets.

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