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Filmmaker declares war on BBFC with epic 607 minute film

The British Board of Film Classification suffered a very bad day after filmmaker Charlie Lyne successfully crowdfunded the much needed cash to get his epic masterpiece of paint drying reviewed for classification. In fact his film was too long to be viewed within a single business day and required two BBFC examiners to watch it into a 2nd day as the viewing total exceeded the 9 hour daily limit.

The campaign was launched on Kickstarter to raise awareness of how the BBFC has created ‘censorship’ in Britain by charging high fees for classification, preventing independent films from getting a chance at theatrical distribution.


In order for a film to be released in any UK cinema, it has to receive a classification from the BBFC which costs £101.50 per entry and then £7.09 per minute of footage according to Lyne. Thanks to the support of 487 backers, the film finally delivered sweet justice to the establishment.

“Please help me make paint drying as long as it can be.” - Charlie Lyne

The BBFC announced today that the film contained “no material likely to offend or harm” and was given a U classification (Although the mental harm it did to the examiners was probably extraordinarily high.)

You can see the full description of the film's review on the BBFC website.

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