Changes that will affect the American film industry

The film industry has been great affected by current and future technology changes. Film groups and social networks are buzzing with talk about how 3D is going to transform the format, replace DVD and create a new cinema experience at home.

Some major blockbuster hits like Avatar, a global 3d phenomenon, have taken this new industry by storm. The demand for 3d graphics, animation and innovative green screen technology is set to rise.

The American film industry has been hit hard by the crisis, particularly in Hollywood where productions have been scaled, closed and shipped elsewhere. As local industries compete for filmmaker dollars such as Detroit and New Orleans with their tax breaks and super friendly initiatives to bring people over, its not surprising that others will have to compete.

But overall it looks like the birth of mainstream 3D might offset the loses of the past 2 years because of a lack of investment, as people become more interested in what is to be the next 7th art

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