Film students brandishing replica weapons and gas mask arrested

Two Los Angeles film students caused panic over the weekend when they were seen on a freeway bridge wearing military gear and pointing replica weapons.

Over 10 calls were made reporting the two young men in the vicinity of Freeway 101 holding what looked like a real assault rifle, a pistol, military gear and a gas mask.

Little did drivers know that they were film students trying to make a short film, but the calls led to a police helicopter being dispatched to the area, with the Freeway closed in both directions. Multiple units were also deployed within a short space of time from the California Highway Patrol according to NY Daily News, which sparked alarm.

They were booked on causing a “false emergency” and put the community at risk according to the Sheriff’s Department. The students were both residents of Ventura County and from Moorpark College according to the LA Times.

Film students that don’t obtain permissions or notify law enforcement that they are going to be out and about with fake weapons face arrest as it creates a public disturbance. Bail was set at $15,000 each.

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