Film jobs in Arizona need a boost from legislation

How to boost film job growth in Arizona

Film incentives bring inward investment to the local community however legislation in Arizona that would provide help for productions is currently at a 2-year impasse.

States like Michigan and Louisiana have very interesting tax incentive programs for film productions and Arizona could benefit from attracting productions.

Film tax rebates and special incentives encourage productions to shoot locally but also create additional jobs in tourism, catering, hotels and other areas of the economy. Benefits from a big budget Hollywood production include the marketing of that in the world media. Often when a large film is shot in a local region it creates a buzz. The 24/7 entertainment culture that we live in is actually a benefit to states who want to lure people to come and visit, not just from America, but abroad.

On August 16th 2012 there will be a Town Hall meeting at the University of Arizona Centre for Creative Photography. The free-to-attend event will include a panel from the Tucson Film Office, the Arizona Film and Media Coalition, and other high profile members of the local industry.

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