Film Industry witnessing a superhero boom?

Superhero blockbusters dominate box office

'The Avengers' has just crossed the $600 million mark, we've got 'The Dark Knight Rises' to come and 'The Amazing Spiderman' is about to hit theatres: Is the film industry experiencing a superhero boom?

We are at the standpoint where the film industry could be capitalizing on the huge demand for superhero movies now and in the medium term. Comic book heroes have never been so popular and we can't forget the impact the web is having on the way we interact with them, and these movies in general. Every over-the-top, inflated action hero, superpower mind genius and dark crusader has a fan base. All of them are connecting, and it is the conversation around these films that are creating a surge in demand for them. Ultimately it's bringing people closer to each other, and there's nothing more thrilling than watching humans have superpowers we wish we had.

The superhero boom is just beginning, and 3D hasn't really caught up to the point where these movies could be giving audiences another level of 'thrill'. 3D is a 'fad' that has struggled with a bad image these past few years, but the demand we can see from big blockbusters such as 'The Avengers' can only further prove that people are ready to embrace superhero flicks. The bigger, the better, and 3D should be part of that equation. Looking ahead, 'Transformers 4' is also in the works, and we are about to see 3D take on an expansive role with Avatar 2,3 and 4. This will also have an impact as 3D superhero movies become more mainstream and accessible. Maybe distributors need to work on the pricing...

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