Film Industry Network : The new design

Hey guys. We wanted to update you on our new web design to help you navigate our growing library of content from videos to exclusive features.

FIN is constantly evolving to meet the changes in technology available to us, and to ensure your reading experience is the best it can be. With our contributors providing news stories from Paris, London, New York and LA, FIN will continue to provide film, music, TV and talent features for your enjoyment.

In the past few months, we have also featured more video content, as this is becoming an important part of the web experience.

If you have questions about FIN, its design, or have any issues logging on to the web site you can contact us anytime HERE.

You may find images not displaying properly in the initial weeks of the new design, but we are working to resolve all the bugs that come with the upgrade.

And for those of you who want to go back in time, below you can see a final look at FIN's old site:

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