Film Industry Network launches online marketplace

Film Industry Network has launched the world’s first online marketplace featuring products and services from the entertainment business.

The Film Industry Network Marketplace will provide filmmakers as well as producers and production companies with the opportunity to explore business services within the sector and find the right products and solutions.

“We wanted to explore the potential of e-commerce as an extension of our brand to not only provide people with affordable and unique services but to also help filmmakers and companies find trusted providers that they can work with.

As consumers, we are used to buying things online with a credit card but when it comes to B2B services, almost everything is done manually. It seemed so clear to us that creating an online space for services could not only make life much easier for businesses but also give people more transparency on pricing, and what they’re buying.” - Iain Alexander, Founder, Film Industry Network.

With the growth in e-commerce, production companies, and film franchises have an opportunity to sell their products, services, and merchandise directly to their fans instead of through websites like Amazon and Ebay.


Built with Shopify, the Film Industry Network Marketplace provides vendors as well as consumers a shopping environment that includes SSL Secure payments, Paypal, VISA checkouts, shipping options and much more.



Each product and service page includes a detailed description, images, a secure payment option and a fully responsive slideshow for mobile users. Once an order is confirmed customers get an automatic confirmation along with custom instructions to activate their service. Verified 3rd party services included in the launch of the website will re-direct visitors to their respective checkout pages.

To find out the latest offers check out the official website for more details.

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