Film Festival video blogs you should analyse to market yourself online

If you want to take your personal video channel to a whole new level, you need to learn from other film festivals on the web. There are a lot of examples of successful filmmakers and celebrities who took their creations online and generated huge audiences for their work. Film Festivals are also beginning to make their impact on the web.

What I'm about to show you are, I think, some of the best film festival channels on youtube that engage with audiences. I will make a breakdown of each channel, why I think it's good, and from then on you can tailor your videos to build your audiences.

1 : Sundance Channel

Sundance Channel

With close to 17,000 subscribers, the Sundance Channel has a lot to offer online audiences. With regular content, not just solely based on the film festival itself, the channel has successfully bridged a gap in the online space to engage with creative people. Robert Redford has put his ethos behind the ideas of the what it's about, and it brings film loving audiences together, generating a huge boost in awareness for his festival. It's a clever cross over between the festival and the discussion around the wider film industry issues right now, which I feel is a good move.

Sundance Channel Youtube
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SXSW Channel

The South By Southwest channel is notable for his diversity of video content based around its annual event. Featuring trailers, musical performances, Q and As and much more, SXSW has established itself on youtube as a platform for interactive media. SXSW is a huge annual event, but it's content strategy through the web gives an added voice to those in attendance. It also reaches out to new audiences on the web about the issues discussed at the festival. This relationship building with online viewers makes this channel in my view a big winner. To date they have over 47 million views and 38,000 subscribers

SXSW Youtube Channel
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3. ECU Film Festival

ECU Film Festival Channel

The ECU Film Festival has entered the web space with a creative story-telling approach to its channel. Featuring mini 'episodes' of the festival leading up to it's main event, this relatively unknown entity has managed to build an audience of film lovers from around the world using videos. To date they have 250,000+ views which is a big achievement on a small scale.

I want to highlight this channel in particular to people who are building film festivals from the ground up and want to find affordable ways to build audience profiles online. The ECU channel features after-party footage, interviews and highlights from previous screenings. More importantly perhaps, it gives us a feel for the spirt of the festival and encourages us to attend for the experience.

ECU Youtube Channel
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