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Film director Cameron Crowe accused of whitewashing Hawaii

Neal Preston - © 2015 - Columbia Pictures

Cameron Crowe's latest film "Aloha" has been heavily criticized by the Media Action Network for Asian Americans after, "using mostly white people," to represent Hawaii.

Guy Aoki, a rep for MANAA stated that the film gives audiences the impression that Hawaii is 99% white yet, "Caucasians only make up 30% of the population."

"Aloha" stars Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams and Bill Murray, and was shot on location in and around Honolulu.

MANAA also slammed the film for, "Excluding the majority of the people who live there," while Asian-Pacific Islanders were given less important walk-on roles like, "Upscale restaurant guest," or, "Indian pedestrian."

The announcement comes after weeks of stories emerging from various productions highlighting diversity issues and cultural clashes including an on-set disaster during the shooting of Adam Sandler's latest movie where Native American cast members walked-off in disgust.

For those still seeking answers, and looking for change in the way productions are made, you can provide feedback to the industry here.

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