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Film Courses in the UK

Film courses come in all shapes and sizes. From short 2-day workshops to 5-year degrees and choosing the right film course can be a daunting task.

There are many specializations within the film industry that make it so diverse. The UK has one of the world’s most skilled workforce from internationally recognized editors to film directors. Discovering the right course for you is about understanding what it is you want to achieve.

Disciplines include screenwriting, cinematography, marketing, film directing and much more.

When choosing a course, make sure you do your research on what you want the end result to be. If you need to be a proficient cameraman, ensure that the course you do will train you for different kinds of situations such as live broadcasting, feature filmmaking, camera framing and so on. If it’s about becoming a film director, try to find out more about the craft before you apply to studies. A 3-year bachelor of arts course in filmmaking might be perfect for you, however you may have some experience making films already. In this case, a masters program is probably more suited.

In another example, you may want to become a film critic, but a film school might be far too technical for you. Some UK universities offer film studies as a course which tend to be more geared towards people wanting to become critics and journalists, rather than forming film technicians. Each course has it’s own merit, but we hope with this information you can start to find out more about what you want and make the good decision today. Best of luck to you!