How to make your film stand out

Music videos and short films will be judged on many levels, including story, acting, cinematography, direction, and editing.

We are looking for films with strong messages that inspire and show a unique creative vision. There are many stories to tell around the world. Some are controversial, others are funny, but it is how you put these elements together that will define the success of your film

Film elements

Story: A powerful story will build the foundations whether it is for a music video or short film. This will guide you to place all the elements of your film together to make what you have put on the page come alive.

Acting: If you have some local theatre actors you can do wonders with a script, but if it's your uncle or a friend who works at the bar, try to be creative. Actors, whether professionally trained, or with no experience, can be the right solution for your film's subject.

Cinematography: There are a lot of low budget solutions to help you shoot high quality footage from DSLR cameras to smart phones. For the more seasoned pro, getting a wide array of lenses, and showing a depth to your film will help you stand out.

Lighting: Good lighting whether in exteriors or interiors will provide the right complexion for your actors and sets. Playing with lighting to show style will create atmosphere in your films.

Direction: How you direct your actors, crew and production to produce the right result will be key to your success. Make sure you can communicate clearly how you want your film to be made.

Editing: MTV style editing in a 5-minute 18th century setting simply wont do. Make sure you have the right pace, and maximise your camera takes to get a variety of angles on set. 90% of a movie can be changed in the edit, so think about it before you take your first shot.

Best of luck to you!